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Video Testimonials

Neuropathy Treatment Testimonials

Joyce is getting relief from her Neuropathy at Aligned Health & Wellness

Grace gets relief from Neuropathy Pain

Norman finally getting help with his Neuropathy

Fred's shares his quick results with our neuropathy treatment here at Aligned.

David PN Testimonial With 90 Day Results

Judy finally gets some relief from neuropathy pain

Lesley finally gets relief from diabetic neuropathy

Chiropractic Care Testimonials

Hip and Neck Issues are No More!

We Strive to Make All of our Patients Feel like Family!

A Little Care Can Make all the Difference!

We're happy to have helped you in the time you've been here!

Another Amazing Patient who has Benefitted from our Care!

Hear How Balance Was Restored to Dawn's Life through Chiropractic Care!

Hear how this patient was able to resume her favorite activities while under Dr. Denner's care!

Extreme back pain is a thing of the past for this awesome patient!

No more stress, and much happier!

She's able to care for her family better than ever!

She no longer wakes up in pain!

Neck Pain No More!

Spinal Misalignment? We can fix that!

No more lower back pain!

It's never too early to get started!

He Got His Life Back!

Her Headaches Are Finally Gone!

Arm & Shoulder Pain Gone With Our Help!

Our Care Helped Her More Than Surgery, Botox and 16 Medications Did!

She Loves Her Care Here & Thinks Chiropractic is Logical and the Greatest Thing Ever!

His Neck & Shoulder Pain Improved Beyond Expectation!

She Likes How Clear & Concise Her Care Is Here!

Sciatica Gone Within 3 Weeks of Treatment!

Fibromyalgia Kept Under Control With Our Help!

Headaches Gone After One Week of Care!

Unrelenting Shoulder Pain Eliminated by Dr. Katz!

Headaches, Neck Pain & Extremity Numbness Gone!

Chronic Low Back Pain Resolved!

Chronic Vertigo & Anxiety Finally Gone!

10 Years After Broken Back & Neck Surgery, Patient Finally Gets Relief He Deserves from Dr. Katz

Local Man Plays Better Golf With Regular Adjustments

Four Year Old Boy Gets Help With Excruciating Headaches

Kernersville Man Gets Rid of Low Back Pain Even Steroids Couldn't Help!

Chronic Migraine Sufferer, Finally Gets Relief She Deserves from Dr. Katz

He's Seen Other Chiropractors, Our Unique Approach Get His Mobility Back

Despite Initial Skepticism, Hip Pain & Tingling Down His Leg & Foot Are Gone

Chronic Sinus Problems Gone (Even Though He Originally Came For Back Pain)!