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About Us

Aligned is a unique practice that helps people live more healthful, productive, and active lives. At Aligned, we utilize the expertise of chiropractic personnel to achieve the best possible clinical results for our patients. We feel this comprehensive approach to evaluating all aspects of a person’s health leads to the most lasting and effective outcomes. At Aligned, we start with a comprehensive intake and physical exam to find out the root cause of your problem and if our practice model and therapeutic approach are the right one for you. While we specialize in the relief of chronic musculoskeletal pain, arthritic pain, and fibromyalgia, we feel our approach is effective for many different health issues.

Initially, all patients receive a comprehensive chiropractic evaluation, which may or may not include x-rays as indicated. We then come together as a team to discuss your individual case and come up with a plan of care designed specifically for you and your clinical condition. We then present to you a report of findings outlining our proposed plan of care. Prior to beginning any treatment, you will have seen and approved this plan of care after it is carefully explained to you.

Our goal is not to just treat your pain, but to actually correct the underlying cause. Instead of medication, safe, effective, natural chiropractic care to deliver the very best results. While we certainly want to help you to feel better, we also want to make sure we affect your total overall health in the best way possible.

At Aligned, if needed, we offer a full array of physical examinations, orthopedic testing, and X-rays. We do not like to repeat recent imaging, so if you have had any imaging done in the 3 months prior to your visit with us, we ask that you bring this information with you to your consultation.

At Aligned, we believe that the highest quality of patient care is attained by a multifaceted team whose results are achieved through a comprehensive treatment plan which brings about pain relief, rehabilitation, and prevention of future injury. If you would like to find out more about our personalized approach, call us today to set up your initial consultation.